Xmas Gift Guide - #1

I'll admit, I'm pretty much slacking like there's no tomorrow in terms of my Xmas gifts this year. Fortunately, this isn't such a big deal, as I don't actually buy many people presents. But sometimes, no matter how many people (or how small your list), it's hard to find super awesome presents for the folks you care about. Sure, gift cards are all well and good, but you want points for originality, right? So here's the first of my suggestions for dialing up the perfect gift for anyone and everyone on your list.

Let's talk about Light in the Attic for a minute. You already know how much I adore one of the bands, the Black Angels. But LITA is about more than just bitchin' new bands. They've been putting out tons of super fly old stuff, from Karen Dalton to the Trikont series (like the Black Country album Chris wrote up not too long ago). Someone over there is a huge smartypants, because LITA is now offering a killer package for 2009: the 2009 subscription. It'll cost you $150, including (North American) shipping, but the package includes 10 (count 'em, 10) albums released over the course of the coming year. Subscribers will get their hands on the albums before the general public, and I've heard treats will be involved, too, over the duration of the subscription. Sounds like one hell of a present to me, and I for one would be stoked to be on the receiving end of such a fabulous gift. See the LITA site for more info.


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