We here at Les Enfants Terribles have great relationships with a lot of wonderful people, labels, and PR firms (hi, guys!).

One of those labels is Light in the Attic. They're home to one of Megan's most favorite bands of the past few years, the Black Angels, and are constantly unearthing lost classics to unleash upon the general populace.

They also do this little Year End list, a massive missive comprised of lists (of any shape size and contest) from a variety of contributors, be they bloggers, musicians, writers, what have you.

And this year, yours truly were asked to partake. And we pretty much took about a millisecond to accept the invitation.

You'll see lists from label heads, bloggers like us, DJs, noted writers, musicians (um, we're part of the same feature as Greg Dulli? Color us in heaven)...it's a fantastic, eclectic mix of anyone and everyone, and the lists are pretty much fascinating.

Bottom line, you should check it, us, and Light in the Attic out.


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