Newsflash: Blur Reforms for Summer 09 Gig!

Holy flashback, Batman!

The year is 1997. My favorite three bands are the Verve, Oasis, and Blur. Blur at the old Black Cat was actually my first club show in DC, back when I was but a wee teen. Oasis at the Patriot Center in Fairfax was my first ever gig, at age 16. And the Verve, well, that show in Atlanta in late 1997 was the first time I saw God at a gig.

Fast forward to the year now, and my former favorite trio have all been in the news. First, the Verve gets back together (hallelujah) and plays Coachella (hallelujah), and releases a new album, their first since Urban Hymns a decade ago. Then, Oasis tries their hand at another record, which makes it into several big deal End of Year lists.

And now? Now Blur's getting back into the game.

Damon, Graham, Alex, and Dave are throwing their hat back into the ring, and are reforming to do a July 3, 2009 gig in Hyde Park (London). No word as to whether this reunion is to be a one-off, but given the success of their contemporaries' comebacks, I have to say they'd be silly not to milk their reformation.

London's pretty lovely in the early summer, perhaps I'll be heading over to catch their first gig as the original foursome since 2000...

In the meantime, here's a little vintage Blur for all my fellow Britpoppers out there. "Beetlebum", though later in Blur's catalog, has always been one of my all-time faves.


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