Megan’s Top 18 of 2008 - #9 – Fleet Foxes

Fleet Foxes’ self-titled Sub Pop debut is quite possibly the most beautiful, most pitch-perfect release of the year. I’m almost convinced that if you looked up “idyllic” in the dictionary, there might just be a picture of Fleet Foxes in the entry.

Everything about the album is bliss, the lovely harmonies, the warm, gentle tones, and the all-encompassing enveloping feel that permeates the whole of the album. I close my eyes and see pastoral scenes of vibrant fall foliage and sunlit meadows and smoky, misty mountains. There’s a definite, deep-rooted earthiness to the Fleet Foxes sound that I find undeniably appealing. I mean, it’s almost not fair how good this band is. Their live show in July left me speechless, and the album has the same effect.

Highly recommended tracks include, well, all of them, but especially “White Winter Hymnal”, “Quiet Houses”, and “Meadowlarks”. They’re simply stunning.

It’ll be exceedingly difficult to follow up this kind of output, but I can’t wait to see how Fleet Foxes approach their next record.


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