Megan's Top 18 of 2008 - #3 - She & Him

Actresses aren't supposed to model, models aren't supposed to act, and neither of them are supposed to even attempt singing. Right? Well, just about.

You see, there is in fact one actress who can really sing. I mean, really, really sing. I know, I was dubious myself, but then I listened to She & Him's
Volume One, and I was sold. Zooey Deschanel (the She to M. Ward's Him) has some pipes on her, and I've come to the conclusion that she's a mix of Patsy Cline and Karen Carpenter. Blasphemy, you say? Listen to her sing and then try to tell me I'm wrong.

Volume One is a collection of simple, mostly lovelorn vignettes, some covers and some original songs (written by Deschanel), beautifully arranged by M. Ward and beautifully given voice by Deschanel. Employing a throwback, lo-fi sound works wonders for the songs, lending authenticity to their love of music belonging to days gone by. It's cute at times, but never twee. Like many good artists before them, She & Him know how to make a sad song sound like a delightful little pop song.

It's impossible to pick favorites here, because I love every single song on this record. So just listen to the whole damn thing, repeatedly.


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