Megan's Top 18 of 2008 - #17 - Duffy

It's been one hell of a year for little miss Duffy. Not only was her album, Rockferry, released to piles and piles of critical praise, but she's been nominated for several Grammy Awards, which for such a newcomer is a huge deal. Thankfully, Duffy has the chops to warrant such attention, and Rockferry has definitely earned a place among the best of 2008.

Duffy's debut is a winning combination of that big, beautiful voice of hers mixed with the girl group production of the 60s. The arrangements are purely vintage in sound, but the songs are definitely up to speed. It's the best kind of homage to that golden era, true to form but managing to steer clear of mere imitation. The best of Duffy's songs were produced by Suede guitar virtuoso Bernard Butler, but the entire album gets a gold star. Her voice still impresses me, months after listening to Rockferry for the first time.

Here's hoping Duffy stays out of the tabloid headlines and sticks to the straight and narrow, because this girl's definitely got what it takes. See for yourself in the clip below, an interesting behind the scenes studio take for the great track "Syrup & Honey."


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