Megan's Top 18 of 2008 - #10 - Dead Confederate

Remember that Toadies' song, many many many years ago, "Possum Kingdom"? It had a creepy as all get out video, and was itself dark and ominous and full of grit and entirely, wickedly awesome. If not, you should immediately reacquaint yourself. Not only because the song is fabulous on its own, but because Athens' new favorite sons of Dead Confederate remind me a whole lot of that superb track. Both bands have that sound I love, big and unabashedly in your face. And I just can't get enough.

From the opening behemoth of "Heavy Petting", you'll immediately know you're onto something rather special with Wrecking Ball. Between the almost painful dual guitar riffs and pounding drums, not to mention singer Hardy Morris and that voice of his that is one moment pleading and plaintive and the next fierce and snarling, it's one of the most riveting songs (and albums) of the year. Popular single "The Rat" is a rock triumph, no doubt about it, and it sounds just about perfect here (check out the haunting video below). Current single "Start Me Laughing" is more of the same, deafening guitars taking the lead and complimenting those signature vocals, delivered at times like Morris is almost spitting out the lyrics. The album ends with my favorite track, the titular "Wrecking Ball". Starting quietly, it builds and builds and finally spills over into noisy oblivion. It's pretty much breathtaking.

Wrecking Ball is a heavy record, overcast and gloomy but beautiful all the same. When it comes right down to it, sometimes a gal just wants to hear some fucking rock. And Dead Confederate sure does oblige.


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