Live Review: Brothers and Sisters @ DC9, September 14

We’ve all been at these shows, the ones where a band we know is great is playing but the crowd is what you might refer to as sparse, the shows where you know you’re seeing something people in a few months will be kicking themselves for not going to, the kind of show where you scratch your head and wonder where everyone is. So it was with the Brothers and Sisters show at DC9. Not that it was empty, mind, but the attendance was rather thin. And frankly, that’s a shame, because those of you who weren’t there missed a great, great set from one of my favorite Austin bands.

Brothers and Sisters is rapidly becoming one of my pet bands, and I was intrigued as to how they would turn out live. I am pleased to report that the Courtney sibling-led band is even better in the flesh than in recorded form, which endeared them to me even more than before the show (after all, I do so love a band that’s better live). Whether it was a sweet version of the ever-so-charming “One Night,” newer songs from album Fortunately like “Mason City,” “The Wind,” or “You’re Gone,” or a fantastic, twanged out folktastic cover of America’s classic “Sister Golden Hair,” Brothers and Sisters’ earthy, earnest country was a glorious aural experience. The tandem of Will and Lily Courtney’s boy-girl vocals was warm and rich, the steel guitar more poignant, and the overall set was better than I had hoped. Between songs, Will’s somewhat bashful banter was adorably endearing, and the whole of the band exuded a down home affability that made the songs somehow even more likeable. Song after song was a treasure, and it was obvious that this is a band that loves and believes in what they’re doing.

And at the risk of sounding overly trite, I believe in them too, and I sure do hope that the next time Brothers and Sisters roll into your town you’ll go. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


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