Meet Sunking!

So a couple weekends ago I was spending a little quality time at Gallery 5 here in Richmond, checking out a band that was recommended to me, the Young Sinclairs (more on them one of these days, as they’re also worth your while and I highly endorse them). One of the three bands playing with those Young Sinclairs was, well, themself. Oh really, you might ask? You see, several band members also play in a little band called Sunking!, and if I may be so bold as to say it, I hereby declare them to be rather good. They certainly caught my attention, and I like to think I'm rather picky.

Naturally, I was immediately smitten with the whole Sunking! name, being a history afficianado and potential closet Francophile. But this Sunking! is less about excessive spending, gilt furniture, and powdered wigs and more about embracing one's inner flower child. Having been overwhelmingly impressed by their live performance (so much so that I think I might have to bug them until they come back to Richmond), I procured a copy of their audio offering, Dreamy of the Sunchildren. It’s a string of eight brief yet immediately likeable and well-crafted pop songs dripping with the kaleidoscopic golden honey glow of the late 60s. It goes by in a flash, but it’s the dreamiest eighteen minutes you could probably ask for. Lest I have painted them as mere throwbacks, rest assured they are aren’t confined by mere emulation. Their whimsical lyrics and charming instrumental approach make Sunking! perfect listening for sun-dappled summer afternoons. If you're old enough to remember those old Breck shampoo commercials, that's the kinda feeling I'm talking about. Not for your hair, but your soul.

Don't think I'm trying to shoehorn them, mind. Sunking! are simply splendid, no matter the season.


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