The Fashionably Late Top 125 of 2019: Philary

Another rough year corresponded to another bumper crop of excellent music. Once again, my list is huge, because I fell in love with each of these 125 records and found it impossible to not include all of them in my fashionably late list.

I'm choosing to post my favorites in alpha order from A-Z again this year. You'll probably find some records that everyone and their fifth cousin raved about, but I hope you'll also find a few records that might be new to you, and that you'll fall in love with them as much as I have.

My thanks, as always, to the artists who created these records.


Who: Philary

What: I Complain

When: June 2019

Where: Exploding in Sound Records

Why: Short, sweet, and diabolically loud. One man wrecking crew Alex Molini, otherwise known as Philary, doesn't even need 20 minutes to unleash some of the unholiest racket 2019 had to offer. I Complain is a brutal, vicious collection of 11 molasses-thick, feral howls, with malice toward all. 

[posted 4.1.20]


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