Show Spotlight: Lower Dens @ Songbyrd, 2/14/20

With so much coming through DC on a regular basis, how will you ever decide what to go see? Let Fuzzy Logic help.

Today, let's go ahead and talk about tomorrow night's Lower Dens show at Songbyrd.

Tomorrow night, as you might possibly be aware, is Valentine's Day, which for many of you means it's the biggest date night of the calendar year. I submit to you that there are few better places in DC to take your honey than to Songbyrd to see the excellent Baltimoreans Lower Dens. Were I part of a couple, you'd see me and said gent at this very show.

I say this not only because Lower Dens released one of the best records of all of 2019, The Competition, but because they've been making amazing records since 2010's stunning Twin-Hand Movement. The shift toward their current synth-heavy slink began in earnest on 2015's Escape From Evil, but sees its full potential realized on The Competition, a smart, sexy, smoldering listen. This is beauty with brains, friends, serious social commentary stylized into a plush, sensuous sonic fantasy perfect for Dystopian dancefloors. Dance to it, and by all means revel in the heady lushness of it all, but be sure you don't forget to pay attention to Jana Hunter's oft-biting lyrical work.

Should you need further inducement, I'm also hear to tell you that in my opinion, Lower Dens makes some of the best private moment music around. Interpret that any way you like.

Doors are at 7 PM for this sold out affair, and the show starts at 8. I'm sure you can find tickets if you try hard enough, though I hope you were smart and got them in advance.

[posted 2.13.20]


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