Video of The Day: Riches

There’s a bunch of videos out there. Some of them are good. Some of them are a cut above. I like to think my picks for Video of The Day are a cut (or two) above.

You've probably heard of Young Galaxy, and if so, you probably already know that the Montreal outfit is on an indefinite hiatus. But what you might not know is that Catherine McCandless of Young Galaxy is following new paths with her new project, Riches.

"Spirit," the first Riches single, is a heady, shrouded spectre of a song. The song's buzzing drone, hypnotic black magic beat, and vocals that conjure images of Grace Slick leading a secret society initiation ceremony all create a sensation that's both heightened and sensuous.

The video picks up on the sinuous spookiness of the song, using a caped McCandless as the centerpiece, lit against an endlessly dark background by a lone spotlight. McCandless herself could very well lead a secret society's initiation ceremony, as the camera revolves around her she seems in a trance. Be advised, this song just might cast its spell on you.     

[posted 10.24.19]


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