Newsflash!: Win Tickets to Sleater-Kinney @ The Anthem, 10/25/19

You love going to shows. I love giving you tickets to shows. It's a match made in heaven. Read on for how you can win you some tickets to a great show. What a pleasure it is to be offering a pair of tickets to the following upcoming IMP show.

I'm sure I don't have to explain exactly why you should want to go to Sleater-Kinney's October 25th show at The Anthem. I'm sure you already know that S-K is one of the most important bands of their generation. I'm sure you're already dying to hear the new songs from The Center Won't Hold, and to hear whatever other nuggets Carrie (Brownstein) and Corin (Tucker) decide to pepper into their set.

In which case, please go ahead and send me an email telling me you'd like to go to the show. I'll draw a winner's name, and that winner will get a pair of tickets to this very Sleater-Kinney show.

Of course, advance ticket buying is always a good idea. You can play it safe and scratch that itch by going here.

FINE PRINT: Contest is for two (2) tickets to this here show. Contest closes at noon Eastern on THURSDAY, 10/24/19. Good luck!

[posted 10.10.19]


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