Newsflash!: Win Tickets to Generationals @ Black Cat, 9/28/19

You love going to shows. I love giving you tickets to shows. It's a match made in heaven. Read on for how you can win you some tickets to a great show.

The newest Generationals record, Reader As Detective, is quickly becoming one of my favorite records of 2019. True story, sometimes I find it hard to tear myself away from the impeccable ice blue pop of "Breaking Your Silence" and "Save This For Never." I've been a fan of Grant and Ted for nigh on a decade now, and they've outdone themselves this time.

How lovely, then, to see this dynamic duo out on the road, and stopping in DC no less. Always outstanding live, September 28 is a night you'll want to be at the Black Cat. And not that you should need extra inducement, but I happen to have a pair of tickets to this very show that could be yours, all yours.

If you'd like to win these here tickets, send me an email. I'll draw one very, very lucky winner who will then be happy as an ocean full of clams.

In case you're wanting to hedge your bets, you can snap up tickets here.

FINE PRINT: Contest is for two (2) tickets to this here show. Contest closes at noon Eastern on FRIDAY, 9/27/19. Good luck!

[posted 9.21.19]


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