Bands On Film: Raveena @ U Street Music Hall, 9/22/19

Ladies and gents, please give a warm welcome to Kyrie Williams, Fuzzy Logic's newest DC contributor. She'll be sharing some of her photos and commentary on DC happenings of note. Kyrie's love of photography started when her dad gave her an old Kodak point-and-shoot, and it wasn't long before she fell in love with shooting live music and portraits. She's into the behind-the-scenes moments, and you can sense that in her photos. Kyrie checked out Raveena at the U Street Music Hall on September 22. A brief recap and some killer pics below! You can find more of Kyrie's photographic work here.

From colorful outfits, giant mushrooms in the photo pit, and group meditations, Raveena brought it all to the U Street Music Hall on Sunday. This soft-spoken R&B artist released her debut album, Lucid, in May of this year. It was the track, “If Only,” from her 2017 EP Shanti, that really set everything off for her.

Halfway through the show, Raveena stopped her set for a group meditation. She managed to get the sold-out crowd completely quiet for about a minute, not an easy thing to do. Don't underestimate the quiet power of Raveena.

Raveena's stage presence is amazing. Having conversations with people at the show and standing in the crowd, you really felt accepted and loved. Even a minor microphone mishap couldn't ruin the positive mood. She smiled and laughed about the cord falling out of her mic, and ultimately she just picked it up and kept singing. If you think Raveena is like any other R&B artist with impossibly dreamy vocals, you should think again.

[words and photos of Raveena by Kyrie Williams]

[posted 9.28.19]


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