Show Spotlight: The Chats @ Union Stage, 7/19/19

With so much coming through DC on a regular basis, how will you ever decide what to go see? Let's shine a light on the cream of the crop.

If you snagged a ticket to see The Chats tonight at Union Stage, consider yourself lucky. Even I'm jealous.

This sold out show was originally slated for Songbyrd, but the demand for rambunctious, sunburned Aussie pub rock in these parts is evidently overwhelming. But after all, with the band's extreme levels of unapologetic, freewheelingly frenetic sonic chaos, they're incredibly appealing.

I can't imagine a much better way to kick off a scorching, sauna-like weekend than the inevitable, blinding good time that goes along with seeing The Chats.  

[posted 7/19/19]


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