The Fashionably Late Top 101 of 2018: Papercuts

2018. What is there to say? It was another year full of terrible, horrible things on a grand scale. But as with 2017, which was also a year full of terrible, horrible things, there seemed to be an abundance of really, really good music. And thank the heavens for that.

This year I had an even harder time coming up with my list than I did for the 2017 version of the list, which is probably obvious given there's 101 records in this year's batch (and that's after whittling about 30 off that total). But I just couldn't leave any of these hundred and one records off my list.

As with my 2017 picks, I've gone in alpha order from A-Z and nothing has a number ranking. Partially, that's because I'm pretty indecisive and it also just feels wrong to do anything other than just share the love equally. 101 ways. As always, the list ended up surprising me. Some records I thought might end up on my list are absent, and happily there were quite a few previously unknown bands that ended up stealing my heart and getting themselves in on the list. I truly hope you'll be reminded of some music you enjoyed last year, and I also hope you'll perhaps find new favorites to swoon over from here on out. My sincere and endless thanks to each and every band/artist on the list, because thanks to them 2018 was a little less insane.

Who: Papercuts

What: Parallel Universe Blues

When: October 2018

Where: Slumberland Records

Why: Just a lovely, very special record. Los Angeles obviously suits former Bay Area boy Jason Quever well, the songs on Parallel Universe Blues spilling over with that particular kind of sonic sunshine that seems to seep into much LA music. The sun-dappled shoegaze, well-studied twee, and effortless surf/psych pop blend together into a heady, absolutely delightful experience. I'm smitten with this one.  

[posted 6.3.19]


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