Bands on Film: IDLES @ Rock & Roll Hotel, 5/11/19

Every now and then I like to take copious amounts of photos when I go to shows. This set of shots is of a band I think you should be listening to right about now.

I'm still wrapping my brain around what I saw on the 11th of May. I know who I saw, but the whole experience was sensory overload (in the best of ways). Quite simply, IDLES blew my mind. Utterly, completely, seven ways to Sunday.

I'll be posting a full review of their set soon, but in the meantime I wanted to share some shots that hopefully capture what it was like to be at the very front of this packed house at the Rock & Roll Hotel. There have been some truly great shots coming out of the band's US tour stops, and I recommend you seek those out for some seriously incredible photos.

[posted 5.22.19]


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