Sounds Of Hopscotch 2018: Contour

Of all the festivals that exist across the US of A, Hopscotch has to be one of the best. This gem of a festival has a great location (downtown Raleigh), and benefits from seriously strong curation year after year. I've had a great time whenever I've been, and if you're heading down this year you're in for a ton of treats. I've got some suggestions for you, and I hope you'll check these folks out regardless of whether you'll be Hopscotch-ing or not.

Charleston's Contour refers to itself as "just a concept," but what a concept! Their songs are full of all manner of transcendent noise, variations on sultry astral psych funk soul with some dangerous grooves. I can only imagine what they're capable of live, and if you're going to Hopscotch this year you should definitely find out.

Contour plays the Basement at Raleigh Convention Center on Friday night.

[posted 9.6.18]


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