Newsflash!: Win Tickets to MC50 @ 9:30 Club, 9/11/18

You love going to shows. I love giving you tickets to shows. It's a match made in heaven. Read on for how you can win you some tickets to a great show.

I've been going to shows at the legendary 9:30 Club since I was a teenager, and have seen some of the best of the best grace that venerable stage. It is a pleasure to be offering a pair of tickets to the following upcoming 9:30/IMP show.

I'm sure I don't have to explain to you how important the one and only MC5 is to rock and roll. Motor City maverick Brother Wayne Kramer has assembled an all-star band to help celebrate 50 years of MC5, and with Brendan Canty (Fugazi), Marcus Durant (Zen Guerrilla), Billy Gould (Faith No More), and Kim Thayil (Soundgarden) on hand you can be assured that the show will be one for the ages.

If you're a local MC5 fan, I know you've already got September 11 circled on your calendar, because that's the date the MC50 tour calls at the 9:30 Club. Your hostess happens to be offering up a pair of tickets to this big time anniversary, and they're yours for the taking.

To win, send me an email telling me how long (approximately) you've been an MC5 fan, and why you want to go to the MC50 tour.

If you're worried about the show selling out (which is a valid concern), go ahead and procure your tickets using this link.

FINE PRINT: Contest is for two (2) tickets to this here show. Contest closes at noon Eastern on MONDAY, 9/10/18. Good luck!

[posted 8.29.18]


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