An Interview with Guto Pryce (Gulp)

Having recently had Beatles on the brain, specifically the early years of their hysteria-inducing mop tops, I started to think about their early interviews. I started to look up some of those early pressers and was taken aback by just how many times the fab foursome was asked about money and marriage, but there were some gems amongst the clunkers. And so, inspired by the early press conferences of the Beatles, especially their US interviews, I decided to ask some of those very same questions to some of the best and brightest making music today.

As a member of Super Furry Animals, Guto Pryce is no stranger to eccentric sounds. These days, he's making irresistible, enchanting nuggets of noise with Lindsey Leven and Gid Goundrey in Gulp. The trio's shapeshifting, magpie sound is delightfully unpredictable, with latest single "Claudia" showing off the band's constant love of the purity of pop. "We channeled 60s tropicalia and 80s synth anthems," the band professed, the combination resulting in a finely-worked, ephemeral waking dream that becomes addictive in no time flat. Gulp's new record, All Good Wishes, is out August 3.    

Read on to see Pryce channel his inner Beatle and get to know him a bit better. And circle August 3 on your calendar, as you'll certainly want to nab a copy of All Good Wishes as soon as possible.


What has been your most exciting moment in the last year?

Musically, my fondest memory of the last year is getting locked into a minimal groove at Sea Change Festival when it felt we could carry on playing one note for hours. I love it when things fall into place whilst playing live.

Who are your favorite recording artists?

The list could be very long but off the top of my head I’ll say Kraftwerk, Love, Can. And we always get excited about a new MGMT record.

Do you feel safe riding in airplanes?

Yes. You have to trust other people sometimes.

Does every city look the same?

No, not really.

What message are you trying to get across, if any?

Not so much of a message, more of a vista.

How would you describe yourself in one word?


Where would you like to go that you haven't gone yet?


Do you feel that you're setting a new trend in music?

No. Just adding some more music to the mix.

What kinds of guitars do you use?

Fender Telecaster and Jazz Bass. Gibson 335.

Does anybody ever ask you for advice?


How do you prefer for your fans to act at your concerts?

Dance and shuffle.

How do you go about writing your songs?

Initial ideas are usually a vocal or instrument melody. Sometimes a beat. Then we take it from there and build a structure.

What do you call your sound?

Garage Space Pop.

Have you ever had a mental block-out on stage?

Yes. You’ve just got to use the force and go with it.

What are your unfulfilled ambitions?

To tour South America.

What advice do you have for teenagers?

Do your thing!

What is the closest you have come to losing life and limb?

Pneumonia wasn’t very pleasant.

Do you think of yourself more as an entertainer or a musician, or do you think it's more of a combination of the two?

Musician. Hope entertaining comes into it somewhere.

[posted 7.12.18]


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