Live Review: Heaven @ Galaxy Hut, 6/10/18

It was a dreary, drizzling gloom of a Sunday night when Heaven rolled into town. But the celestial connection of seeing them at a venue called Galaxy Hut brought no shortage of magic to the night, and after waiting such a long time to see them live Heaven rewarded my patience with a gorgeous set.

I'd wanted to see this dreamy gaze pop outfit for years, having fall head over heels immediately after hearing "Colors In The Whites of Your Eyes," from 2013's excellent record Telepathic Love. This particular date was a stopover on the return to New York from Triangle Psych Fest, and featured a surprise guest turn from Dead Leaf Echo's LG Galleon, adding some extra noise on guitar.

The set was short - only six songs - but what it lacked in number of songs it made up for in absolute top-shelf quality. Kicking off with the beguilingly moody gaze of "Never The Moment," the band positively purred through each song. The co-mingling of psych, shoegaze, and pop made for some glorious moments, and I was buzzing on more than merlot as they unleashed each song with such sweet release.

"She's Closer Than Everyone" was played with such earnestness, its undeniable pop undertones adding to the richness of the noise. There was a real drive behind "Springtimes," a nice foil to the sinuous smoke of Matt's vocals - making for a hint of the Jesus & Mary Chain, thanks to still more pop machinations. "All Love is Blue," the new record's title track, sounded so perfect on a quiet, rainy night, a simmering sense of anticipation palpable. I could feel the moonlight in "Falling Hearts," driven by a kicky drum and some serious, sparkling shimmy.

I've no doubt I had a smile across my face for Heaven's entire set. It was a long wait, and my expectations were exceeded by leaps and bounds. If you get the chance, don't miss seeing this band live, regardless of the weather.


[photo copyright Megan Petty]

[posted 6.24.18]


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