Otherwise Engaged: Olden Yolk @ DC9, 5/11/18

It is an unfortunate reality for the serious concertgoer that on occasion, there will be more than one show on any given night that you really, really, REALLY wanna go to. Since the vast majority of us don't own a time machine, nor have the ability to either clone ourselves or split ourselves in half (or thirds or quarters depending on the night in question), this tends to present a problem. Difficult decisions are made based on a variety of variables (perhaps some of you even make lists of pros and cons), and ultimately, a show is chosen. But those other shows are still gonna be killer, and I'd like to give a little face time to the shows that, while I can't go myself, are still highly recommended.

It's been a week. There have been highs, and there sure as heck have been some lows. If you're in need of ending the work week/starting off the weekend on a high note, look no further than tomorrow night's Olden Yolk show at DC9. Blissing out to what Paste called "a trance of uninterrupted plushness" sounds like a heck of a way to spend Friday night, in my book anyway. The NY-based band's glorious pastoral artfulness really shouldn't be missed, and I'm just bummed I won't be there. But if you're free, I'd strongly encourage you to put this one on your dancecard.

[posted 5.10.18]


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