An Interview with Bria Salmena (FRIGS)

Having recently had Beatles on the brain, specifically the early years of their hysteria-inducing mop tops, I started to think about their early interviews. I started to look up some of those early pressers and was taken aback by just how many times the fab foursome was asked about money and marriage, but there were some gems amongst the clunkers. And so, inspired by the early press conferences of the Beatles, especially their US interviews, I decided to ask some of those very same questions to some of the best and brightest making music today.

Toronto outfit FRIGS makes seriously captivating, intelligent post punk clamor. The vocal performance of Bria Salmena guides the music, she's the snarling sneer/unwavering, uncomfortable stare of a voice that fits the dark angles of the songs like a glove. They've been a busy band lately, what with being out on the road touring their debut record Basic Behaviour (released earlier this year on Arts & Crafts). Salmena took some time to answer a few Beatles-y questions, check out what she had to say as you check out some of the band's most excellent noise.  

Fuzzy Logic: What has been your most exciting moment in the last year?

Bria Selmena: Opening for Slowdive at Massey Hall in Toronto.

Who are your favorite recording artists?

Iggy Pop, Todd Rudgen, Marilyn Manson.

Do you feel safe riding in airplanes?

Depends how much Xanax we've had.

Does every city look the same?

In America that happens sometimes.

What message are you trying to get across, if any?


How would you describe yourself in one word?


Where would you like to go that you haven't gone yet?


Do you feel that you're setting a new trend in music?

Hopefully not.

What kinds of guitars do you use?

6 strings, 4 strings.

Does anybody ever ask you for advice?

We try to refer them elsewhere.

How do you prefer for your fans to act at your concerts?

Organically and respectfully.

How do you go about writing your songs?

Long process, trial and error.

What is one question you would like to be asked that probably nobody has ever asked?

U ok?

What do you call your sound?


Have you ever had a mental block-out on stage?

Black out? Yes.

What are your unfulfilled ambitions?

I don’t wanna go down that wormhole.

What advice do you have for teenagers?

It gets worse.

What is the closest you have come to losing life and limb?

Ask our bass player.

[posted 4.15.18]


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