Singles Club: Brett + Media Jeweler + Spritzer

Consider Singles Club your musical matchmaker. I do hope you'll give all these ready to mingle bachelors and bachelorettes your ear as you listen to some new favorite tunes. Read on in the hopes of finding your musical love connection.

With new single "Roman Candle," formerly DC-based LA outfit Brett sends quite a chill into the air of their new homeland. With swells of sweeping opulence, Brett's shadowy shifts strike an incredibly appealing note.

There's something almost diabolical about Media Jeweler's shifty-eyed "Splayed Wayside." Determined to befuddle from the outset, this is not a song for those who are into the whole verse-chorus-verse thing. Musically, the song reminds me of that creeping snarl of peak Mclusky (veering off into math-y places), while the smokey vocals litanize in a perfectly hollow tone.

From Brooklyn comes the effervescent chamber dreampop gem "Little Mystery," from Spritzer. This brainchild of Matthew Meade (Friend Roulette) is sweetly devotional, or as Meade calls it, a "fun and shamelessly cheesy love song." I think it's just lovely, an adorable little ditty that's a whole lot of fun to shake a tail feather to.

[posted 3.17.18]


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