The Fashionably Late Top 66 of 2017: Liam Gallagher

It’s been a hell of a year. 2017 was exhausting, stressful, and at times just plain terrifying. But for all the mess that’s happened over the past 12 months, and there’s certainly been so much, there’s also been a lot of good going on in the world. From a musical standpoint, for instance, 2017 was rather exceptional. There were so many glorious new sounds to take in.

I’ve put together my list of favorites from the year that was, a touch fashionably late as always. Once again, I’ve decided to eschew a ranking system and instead give you an alphabetical look at the records I fell for this year. There’s some names here that will come as no surprise to anyone, and perhaps a few that might surprise you. These are simply my favorites from 2017, the albums I went back to again and again, the albums that I swooned over. So, without further exposition, here’s my list. I think you’ll find you can get your kicks from any and all of the 66 records I’ve chosen, and I truly hope you’ll find some treasures to cherish, as I cherish each and every record here. Many, many thanks to the artists who put out this fantastic music, their sounds helped make 2017 bearable.

Who: Liam Gallagher

What: As You Were

When: October 2017

Where: Warner Records

Why: Consider this one of those "better late than never" moments in music. After a dalliance of several post-Oasis years with Beady Eye, Liam Gallagher (AKA The Voice) finally got around to releasing a proper solo record. As You Were is Liam, matured (mostly) and possessed of the best possible songs to showcase that unmistakable voice. Steamrolling through stompers like big deal single "Wall of Glass" and "Greedy Soul," Gallagher the Younger reminds anyone who might have happened to make the mistake of forgetting his prowess just why he's got all that swagger. It's not all bravado, mind you, As You Were has some introspective, almost tender moments in nuggets like the apologetic "For What It's Worth" and my current favorite, the divine "Chinatown," an unexpectedly dreamlike number that's as un-Liamlike a song as you'll find on this record. In indulging his own sonic nostalgia - and his fondness for the 60s and 90s still proves to be fine inspiration for his songs - Liam helps longtime fans feel their own nostalgia. This is truly the Liam we know and love. Thanks to some impeccable production and some pretty great songs, Liam Gallagher is front and center. Which, of course, is where he belongs.

Now, if only he'd reschedule that DC live date...

[posted 2.14.18]


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