Otherwise Engaged: The Wombats

It is an unfortunate reality for the serious concertgoer that on occasion, there will be more than one show on any given night that you really, really, REALLY wanna go to. Since the vast majority of us don't own a time machine, nor have the ability to either clone ourselves or split ourselves in half (or thirds or quarters depending on the night in question), this tends to present a problem. Difficult decisions are made based on a variety of variables (perhaps some of you even make lists of pros and cons), and ultimately, a show is chosen. But those other shows are still gonna be killer, and I'd like to give a little face time to the shows that, while I can't go myself, are still highly recommended.

Every now and again, a non-musical event pops up on the same night as a musical event. I was so stoked to see The Wombats scheduled to come to DC, and until last weekend I'd been planning on going to the 9:30 Club to see these lively Liverpudlians do their thing...and then my alma mater went and won a football game that meant they were playing in a kind of big deal game the same night as the show.

If you don't have any allegiances for a certain national championship game tomorrow night, I cannot recommend strongly enough that you head over to check out The Wombats. I have no doubt it'll be an amazing show, and it's only the thought of a 17th national title for my university's trophy case that's keeping me from this one.

[posted 1.7.18]


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