Good Cover Version: Mark Erelli Does Neko Case

Pulp gave the world the song "Bad Cover Version." But seeing as I'm a sonic optimist, I'm of the belief that there's more likely than not more good cover versions floating around than bad ones. Good Cover Version celebrates the good, and leaves all that bad and ugly stuff alone.

A man after my own heart, Mark Erelli has an appreciation for mixtapes. He also has a thing for covers. Erelli is releasing his own Mixtape in January, a record full of covers of artists both old and new. Included in this collection is a version of Neko Case's gorgeous "Deep Red Bells," one of my personal favorite Case tracks. This rendition keeps true to some of the original's impeccable vintage tendencies, while Erelli's plainspoken, rough around the edges vocals take the song down new roads.  

[posted 12.8.17]


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