Crossing The Pond: Cave Suns + Makeness + Tempesst

Much great music is made on the other side of the Atlantic. Here your hostess indulges her love of all things Brit to bring you some songs you should be listening to from the British Isles.

I'm currently watching Newcastle FC, so it feels only right to talk about Newcastle "deer-slaying astral psyche rave-up" outfit Cave Suns. They've shared a stage with bands like Dead Meadow and White Hills, which should tell you that this is a band that can make the right kind of noise. Their Canned Howl EP is just under 20 minutes of dark, dastardly howl-at-the-moon freakout mess. Turn the volume up good and loud for this, y'all.  

Newly inked to Secretly Canadian, Scottish slink merchant Makeness is turning heads (mine included). "Loud Patterns" is a shapeshifting treasure, starting with a slow burn smolder and building into some raucous, slightly jarring electromess. It ends with a puff of smoke, leaving plenty of questions in the air. As that timeless old saying goes, always leave them wanting more.  

I've gushed a little about Londoners Tempesst before, and their new single "Waiheke" warrants further attention. Inspired by a visit to New Zealand and a tarot card reading, the song certainly does evoke a sort of wanderlust and psychedelic restlessness. Fire up the incense and get cozy with Tempesst on this cold, snowy day.

[posted 12.9.17]


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