Crossing The Pond: Cavalry + Laminate Pet Animal + Wylderness

Much great music is made on the other side of the Atlantic. Here your hostess indulges her love of all things Brit to bring you some songs you should be listening to from the British Isles.

The Cavalry is riding in from Liverpool, my friends. "Black" begins with a transcendent, hallowed lightness. But this song, "about trying to validate the simple wars you have within yourself against the backdrop of everyday life," is weightier than it is weightless, and soon expands into a lushness that is both enveloping and totally engaging. High drama, in the very best way.  

"Solace" is rather an aptly-named song. This icy synthpop, from Leeds outfit Laminate Pet Animal, has a soothing calmness about it, even as it asks more questions than it answers. The boy-girl vocals add to a push-pull dynamic, an issued challenge. B-side "Baer" is another fine effort, frosty beats and impressive polish.

I'd adore Wylderness for their "72 and Sunny" even if it wasn't 30something outside. Jubilant and fetchingly fuzzy, the song offers shoegazers and dreampoppers plenty to swoon over. I'm mad about the Cardiff/London outfit's penchant for scuzzed guitars and sunshine-through-the-clouds instrumentation. Very promising indeed.

[posted 12.10.17]


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