On The Road Again: Paul Draper

Well, well, well. Look who's taking their show on the road?

It's been a long time coming (20 years, give or take), but Paul Draper will soon be back in the US of A. 

Having released his debut solo record earlier this year (which you will undoubtedly and inevitably hear me talk/gush about soon), the excellent Spooky Action, Draper is doing a clutch of dates with Steven Wilson. The two have worked together here and there, so perhaps a little cross-pollination will occur onstage. You'll have to be there to find out. 

This is a man who knows what he's doing, my friends, so be sure you don't miss this special run of dates. No doubt a Mansun song or two will be played, and believe you me, that's not to be missed.

And for even more on Mr. Draper, you can read parts One, Two, and Three of my exclusive interview with the man himself. 



Tue 24th -- Washington DC -- 9:30 Club

Wed 25th -- Philadelphia -- Keswick Theatre

Fri 27th -- Boston -- Berklee Centre

Sat 28th -- New York -- Playstation Theatre

Sun 29th -- New York -- Playstation Theatre


Tue 1st -- Chicago -- Vic Theatre

Wed 2nd -- Chicago -- Vic Theatre

Thu 3rd -- Milwaukee -- Pabst Theatre

[posted 11.29.17]


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