Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Sweet Little Rock & Roller Collectibles

We've all seen the onslaught of ads telling us that holiday shopping season has officially begun. Pressure to open they wallet as some kind of duty aside, presents are fun. And giving is a pretty great thing to do, so I've pulled together some ideas to bring a little seasonal joy to the life of your favorite music lover.

Does your favorite music loving lady or gent love stuff? As in, are they more of a maximalist and not so much a minimalist? If so, they may be the type to appreciate one of these super cute collectible figures. 

Funko has several vinyl figures on offer, my favorite is the Jimi Hendrix model. Joey Ramone, Lemmy Kilmister, and several members of Guns N Roses are also available to delight your friends and loved ones. I'm pretty much obsessed with their David Bowie as Jareth from Labryinth figure, if anyone is interested... 

For those with an interest in punk with DC roots, look no further than this fantastic Press Pop statuette of H. R. from Bad Brains. I love the fact that this one isn't your traditional statuette, and that it captures H. R. in motion. Press Pop also has a ridiculously awesome Public Enemy action figure set for sale.

Pop! Rocks (Funko) also has all manner of options in their range of vinyl figures. I'm a fan of 1970s Elvis, resplendent in white jumpsuit, but you could snap up Tupac, Johnny Rotten, a Blue Meanie...and so much more. 

Happy hunting, my little elves. 

[posted 11.11.17]


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