Crossing The Pond: BE GOOD + The Night Café + Party Hardly

Much great music is made on the other side of the Atlantic. Here your hostess indulges her love of all things Brit to bring you some songs you should be listening to from the British Isles.

Oxford has quite a reputation for education among all those dreaming spires, but "awkward pop" music? Absolutely. BE GOOD brings some serious late night slink to the party with their jam "Nightbus," a song rife with come hitherness and all manner of potential misbehavior.     

Liverpool's The Night Café makes a heck of a pretty noise with their single "Turn." This is a song all aquiver with youth and young manhood, defiant and spunky and totally irrepressible. Raucous yet polished, who knows what lies in store for this bunch after their forthcoming headline tour in early 2018. 

New Party Hardly single "Living In Moths" takes inspiration from the depressing pit of despair that is the modern news (and the newspapers that peddle it), and the Leeds outfit's droll, fuzzy snarkpop plays up the absurdity of it all with a snide panache. 

[posted 11.19.17]


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