The Week In Shows: 8/28/17-9/3/17

The last Sunday in August seems as good a time as any to plot ones weekly live music schedule, I think. Let's take a look at what's happening in the greater DC metro this week, shall we? Hot diggity!

I don't know about you, friends, but I can't believe September is just around the corner. Don't get me wrong, I'm really excited for September, I just can't believe it's almost here. 2017 is really putting its pedal on the gas as far as burning through the days goes. But at least there is the constant of bands coming to town and playing for us. And now, without further ado, here's a look at some of the shows I happen to recommend for the coming week in the greater DC metro area. And you just might see me out at any show with an asterisk. 

And as an aside, if you've got a show coming up you'd like me to consider including in my weekly calendar, just shoot me an email with "Calendar" somewhere in the subject line. Thanks y'all!

MONDAY, 8/28/17

-Tyvek + Penguin (Comet Ping Pong)
-Catscan! + Cult Wife + Herschel Hoover + Trajectories (DC9)
-Illiterate Light + Dawkins (Galaxy Hut)

TUESDAY, 8/29/17

-Hothead + Nonzoo + Radiator Greys + Mount Ranier (Black Cat)
-Dreamer and Son + Acadia + Elizabeth II + Kid Brother (DC9)

WEDNESDAY, 8/30/17

-Go Mod Go! + The Captivators (Black Cat)
-Ms. Fridrich's Messy Ann Band + The Beanstalk Library + Ilyaimy (DC9)
-Henry Jamison + Gracie and Rachel (Songbyrd Music House)

THURSDAY, 8/31/17

-Washed Out + Dega (9:30 Club - WIN TIX!)
-Small Craft + Tag Cloud + Tony Risotto (Velvet Lounge)
-Allie X (Songbyrd Music House - SOLD OUT)
-FEELFREE + Signal Fire (Gypsy Sally's)

FRIDAY, 9/1/17

-Labor Day Weekend Music Festival (FREE) (Lincoln Theatre)
-Sextile + Gloop (DC9)
-Carter Lou & The Project + Elizabeth II + Rhett Repko (Rock & Roll Hotel)
-Lavender + Path (Songbyrd Music House)

SATURDAY, 9/2/17

-Labor Day Weekend Music Festival (FREE) (Lincoln Theatre)
-Laser Background + Two Inch Astronaut + My French Roommate (Comet Ping Pong)
-Punk Rock Karaoke (Benefit for Girls Rock! DC) (Black Cat)

SUNDAY, 9/3/17

-Labor Day Weekend Music Festival (FREE) (Lincoln Theatre)
-A Giant Dog (DC9)*
-Zack Be + Redline Graffiti + Dawkins (Black Cat)

[posted 8.27.17]


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