Sounds of Secret Stages 2017 #15: Snakes

Alabama in August is a pretty hot place, and it's not just because of the heat (and the humidity). Secret Stages has been keeping things hot in Birmingham for years, staying true to their mission of showcasing musical talent from across the South (and beyond). This year is no different. If you're free August 4-5, you might just take a jaunt down to Bham to check out this Dixie dandy.

A little bit Ennio Morricone and a little bit drawling twang, Baltimore's Snakes is more than a little bit interesting. With windswept, sunbleached wails and plenty of emotional highs and lows, it's lonesome heart lamenting/whiskey-soaked braggadocio gone spaghetti western with these gents. And I like it a whole lot.     

[posted 8.3.17]


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