Singles Club: Frankie and The Witch Fingers + Versing + Jess Cornelius

Consider Singles Club your musical matchmaker. I do hope you'll give all these ready to mingle bachelors and bachelorettes your ear as you listen to some new favorite tunes. Read on in the hopes of finding your musical love connection.

Like Ogden Nash gone psych rock, the new single from LA's Frankie and The Witch Fingers is all sorts of out there. From forthcoming long player Brain Telephone, "Learnings of The Light" is a dizzying, stratospheric trip through supernatural strawberry fields, an immersive sonic experience that might very well leave you breathless by the time it's over.     

From the forthcoming Nirvana EP, "Radio Kinski" is a powerhouse. It's Seattle band Versing's vehement, raucous think piece on people who do shitty things but don't get called out about it. Full of unpredictable, textured and tempestuous shifts and about-faces, this one's hard to ignore.  

Jess Cornelius has a pretty fine band, Teeth & Tongue. "Jealousy" is her first solo single, and the lyrical content focuses on that nagging sin we've probably all been saddled with from time to time. The song showcases an ethereal, yet raw voice, simmering with an undeniable smolder. 

[posted 8.13.17]


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