Interview: Flowerbomb

We love to sit down for a good chin wag. Here, The Paper had a post-show chat with some lovely locals. 

Interviewing Flowerbomb was a real treat. The camaraderie of the band was contagious and conversation flowed freely. Best of all, Dan revealed his extensive musicianship while trying to explain the difference between the band's recorded music and the stripped down set they had just played at Comet Ping Pong. [Note: Flowerbomb's Nat is currently in England, so the band held two practices earlier that day to prepare for the unique show.] Interview has been edited for brevity.

Fuzzy Logic: What are you currently listening to?

Dan: Japanese Breakfast and Third Eye Blind. Oh, and Sorority Noise. [Dan was wearing a TEB tank and declared them the greatest band of all time.]

Charles: Fall Out Boy, the new record.

Rachel: Margaret Glaspy and Angel Olsen.

FL: All great choices. How did you come up with the name Flowerbomb?

Rachel: We wanted something delicate, yet conjured destruction at the same time with the aim of destroying the norm of femininity.

FL: Why do you want to destroy that?

Rachel: It's a product of personal experiences. I wanted to destroy the idea of femininity in society.

FL: On the Castathetic podcast, you mentioned telling inside jokes on tour. Would you like to share one?

Dan: Oh geeze, didn't think that will ever be brought up again. We're an incredibly funny band. We've known each other for years and when you're in a relationship with four people, it's natural that we will have inside jokes.

FL: What would be a good thing for a band to throw on stage?
[Flowerbomb was taken aback a bit so I had to clarify that I meant it in a good way.]

Dan: Just coming to the show really.

Charles: I agree.

Rachel: Just for fans to come out to support us is enough.

FL: Spotify or Bandcamp?

Dan: Spotify is better for phone and more popular bands. Bandcamp is better for more local stuff or if I want to search a specific tag or genre.

Rachel: Bandcamp. The money goes directly to the artist.

Charles: Bandcamp is better for phone. [He gives a wry smile to Dan who expressed mock blasphemy in return.] When someone makes a purchase, the music is saved on their phone so they can play it whenever without streaming. Even when the artist takes the music down, you still keep it.

FL: A question for Rachel please. You used to book bands. Do you still do that?

Rachel: I am on a hiatus now. I have been doing it solo and it'a a lot of work. I want to make it more of a communal thing. Bring it more diversity.

FL: Thank you for sitting down with me.

Rachel: Thank you so much.

Flowerbomb plays on July 24 at DC9 with Bike Thiefs.

[Words and photos of Flowerbomb by The Paper]

[posted 7.2.17]


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