Singles Club: NRVS LVRS + Small Reactions + The Technicolors

Consider Singles Club your musical matchmaker. I do hope you'll give all these ready to mingle bachelors and bachelorettes your ear as you listen to some new favorite tunes. Read on in the hopes of finding your musical love connection.

Influenced by some big names (Kate Bush, Can, Massive Attack), Bay Area husband-wife duo NRVS LVRS creates some rather wonderful noise. "Castling" is some darkwave pop delirium, breathless and pretty and gliding through shadow and light.    

Having some new Small Reactions music to listen to warms the cockles of my heart, y'all. These Georgia dudes really hit it out of the park with new single "Sessions Street," a dandy of a hazy hip-shaker that's completely and utterly inescapably catchy.

A perfect song to start the weekend, "Imposter!" is a raucous piece of swaggering Phoenix noise. The Technicolors here are unapologetically brassy, offering up perfectly measured Friday night vim and vigor in a three-and-a-half minute burst of full-bodied controlled chaos that just happens to be catchy as all get out.

[posted 6.23.17]


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