Sounds of Treefort 2017 #8: GABI

Without a doubt, Treefort is at the top of my festival bucket list. This downtown Boise, ID festival once again features a lineup that is well and truly stacked from top to bottom, with the emphasis being on showcasing bands from the very, very fertile Western lands. After poring over this year's lineup, these are the bands I'm swooning over the hardest.

Hazy, lo-fi, and sensitive. That's how new Arizona-ites GABI describe themselves. It's all true, of course, though they leave out a lot with that brief string of descriptors. What's most delightful about GABI is the timid, almost hesitant fragility in certain songs, the appealing way the music almost reulctantly moves along. Lines like "I don't wanna be just an afterthought," from "Trapdream," express hopeful desires so very tenderly and a little desperately. The more I hear of GABI, the harder I find it to resist them.   

[posted 3.20.17]


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