Sounds of Savannah Stopover 2017 #10: Gracie and Rachel

The start of festival season is once again upon us, and one of the first fests of the season has turned into one of the finest. Capitalizing on its location in the path of many SXSW-bound bands, Savannah Stopover's 2017 lineup looks incredibly tempting. If I was going down there myself, these are the bands I'd just about move heaven and earth to try to see. And if you're free between March 9-11, why not head on down to Savannah and see what all the fuss is about for yourself?

There's something quietly majestic about the haunting orchestral pop of New York duo Gracie and Rachel. A chill courses through their music and down ones spine, and you might find yourself hanging on every word, every note. 

[posted 3.11.17]


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