Singles Club - Premiere Edition: Mimi Raver

There's probably a little bit of the lone wolf in all of us.

Mimi Raver was so inspired by the notion of solitary wolfishness that her new record, 06 Female, was influenced by an NPR feature on Yellowstone's lady wolf of the same name.

"Portrait of A Lady," premiering right here and right now, comes from 06 Female, and stays true to theme. With a gauzy fuzz of reel-to-reel weaving beautifully tangled webs underneath, Raver's voice proves instantly addictive. Teeth subtle but sharp, Raver's ode to unrealized love champions strength in solitude ("I don't want to be another portrait of a lady/called me on the phone to tell me you could never be my baby") in a gorgeous, glamorous way. 

The song feels like a perfect prescription of the raised-eyebrow insouciance of peak Gainsbourg smoldering (think with Birkin/Bardot) and the easy appeal of vintage Californian sundrenched desert mirages. Through it all, though, the star is always Raver and her tenderly tough, spotlight smoke voice. Don't think you'll be able to listen to this just once. Mimi Raver can be hard to resist.

[posted 3.3.17]


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