Live Review: Japandroids @ 9:30 Club, 2/27/17

Intrepid mysterious Special Guest Star The Paper went in search of good sounds at the Japandroids show, and the following is what transpired.

"This next song is for you. It's really easy. The chorus goes 'Ohhhh yeaaa/Allllriiight.'"

Brian was specifically addressing those who might feel left out due to not knowing the words to their songs. Like me. I do not know a single word. In fact, I have never heard a single note of Japandroids' music. I was there mostly because I make a hobby of falling in love with bands that I have never heard of before at shows. It must be said that this time, I did not quite fall in love with the Canadian duo. That being said, it was certainly a case of "it's me, not you," judging by the sold out crowd.

Front center pit was an animal. The head of which was led in the second row by a middle aged man in a suit jacket with an expensive looking watch. I know this because his left fist remained above his head more often than not. The body was just as impressive. Over a dozen rows deep, people sang, shouted, and sweated together over their shared love. I stopped counting crowd surfers at three.

It was easy to see, even for the uninitiated like myself, how the two creators of the animal molded their magnificent creation into existence. They wielded two instruments with aplomb. Brian played the guitar with the finesse of a tiger and the agility of a monkey whether he was singing into the mic, strutting towards his partner, or sitting on top of the bass drum. David roared like a lion on the drum kit. Each downstroke on the snare caused it to wobble precariously off of its stand and each kick to the bass drum caused the pillow within to jump. Musicians make it look easy but singing while drumming is no easy feat.

On more than one occasion, Brian mentioned playing at other DC venues over the years such as DC9, Rock and Roll Hotel, and the Black Cat. He wanted to convey his gratitude to local fans for helping them realize their dream of playing the 9:30 Club. It was a nice gesture. They also played a slow song for those who might need to take a rest or want to hold their lover close.

All of which is just a long way of saying that I don't think anyone felt left out.

[words and photo of Japandroids by The Paper]

[posted 3.1.17]


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