Video Of The Day (Premiere Edition): Bishops

There's a bunch of videos out there. Some of them are good. Some of them are a cut above. I like to think my picks for Video of The Day are a cut (or two) above.

I'm hereby delighted to bring you the premiere of this wonderfully cringeworthy video from Harrisonburg's Bishops. It's the latest output from last year's excellent release Dream Easy

Some of you might remember that kid's series Mr. Men and Little Miss, wherein various personality traits were given sassy figural representation in cute, rudimentary cartoon characters. If the lead in this here Bishops video for "Guts" was a part of that series, she'd be the perfect embodiment of Little Miss Destruction. This one-woman wrecking crew takes the song's lines "I don't love a goddam thing" and "I don't wanna grow up" to the extreme as she wreaks absolute havoc all over the place. Meanwhile, the Bishops dudes make their scuzzy, defiantly fuzzed up power pop peel paint off the walls, fuel for all sorts of fires. 

It should be noted that Bishops and Harrisonburg homies Bloom will be hitting the road together in March. Dates are below, make sure you go see these two find bands if you're able to. Bishops also has a show in Harrisonburg this Sunday, and are donating door proceeds to the ACLU (which is pretty freaking rad).
2/5 - The Golden Pony, Harrisonburg, VA
3/1 - Pale Fire Brewing Company, Harrisonburg, VA
3/9 - Huntington, WV
3/10 - Louisville, KY
3/11 - St. Louis, MO
3/12 - Kansas City, MO
3/13 - Colorado Springs, CO
3/14 - Denver, CO
3/15 - Omaha, NE
3/16 - Des Moines, IA
3/17 - Chicago, IL
3/18 - Detroit, MI
3/19 - Columbus, OH

Bishops - "Guts" from Tucker Riggleman on Vimeo.

[posted 2.2.17]


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