Xmas Gift Guide 2016: Save The Music Donation

It's beginning to look a lot like the time of year that requires a lot of gift giving. We all know that not everyone is easy to shop for, so I'm racking my brain to help you help yourself and find a great gift for the music snob that maybe already has everything...but maybe not this.

Maybe the person you're hunting for a super last minute gift for doesn't want a gift at all. Maybe nothing would make them happier than to have you make a donation to a pretty good cause. In that case, why not think about a donation to the VH1 Save The Music Foundation? I think we can all agree how important music is, and providing kids with instruments and teaching is a wonderful thing to do. 

And if that's not your favorite cause, please consider donating to another cause. There are so many people, animals, places, and movements that need help. If you are able, please extend a little financial assistance. Or volunteer some time. Or all of the above. Spread some humanity this holiday season, because sometimes it feels like human kindness is in short supply. 

[posted 12.24.16]  


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