Xmas Gift Guide 2016: Concert Ticket Floor Mat

It's beginning to look a lot like the time of year that requires a lot of gift giving. We all know that not everyone is easy to shop for, so I'm racking my brain to help you help yourself and find a great gift for the music snob that maybe already has everything...but maybe not this.

I actually have an album of old ticket stubs, but this is such a great idea that I might have to liberate one to make this happen. Thanks to Lakeside Camera Photoworks, it's now possible to have a welcome mat that is a blown up image of the ticket stub from any of your favorite concerts. Your boots can walk all over your chosen ticket every day! 

If a floor mat isn't your thing, you can also turn that stub into a blanket or scale it down and slap it on a mug. Or, if you're feeling extravagant, order up a blanket/mat/mug combo to fully relive the glory of your favorite show. Sounds like a pretty darned good gift to me in any iteration.

[posted 11.22.16]


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