Singles Club: We Leave At Midnight

Y'all know that if a song ambles and rambles and ventures around the bend into wild and wonderful places I'll probably be all over it. Such is the case with San Antonio outfit We Leave At Midnight's stellar little space pop nugget "Dover Dog."

From their forthcoming long player The Holy Roller Flower Band (out 12/9 on Texas Is Funny), "Dover Dog" recalls a bit of this and a bit of that, but what is this and what is that? Starting off in the guise of a jaunty, 70s-infused swamp pop, the song soon proves a changeling, taking their own lyric "I know you can't go back" to heart and moving into other realms before going out with a heck of a bang. Consider this another great example of Texas psych (among other things).   

[posted 11.20.16]


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