Good Cover Version: Ohnomooon Does The Flamingos

Pulp gave the world the song "Bad Cover Version." But seeing as I'm a sonic optimist, I'm of the belief that there's more likely than not more good cover versions floating around than bad ones. Good Cover Version celebrates the good, and leaves all that bad and ugly stuff alone.

Ever since I heard it over the weekend, I've been in serious swoon mode over "I Only Have Eyes for You," as made legendary by The Flamingos in 1959. I've come across a version of the song by NYC outfit ohnomoon that I think does a lot of justice to the impossible dreaminess of the song, adding in some stargazing shoegazery and some breathy lady vocals that breathe new life into this heavenly classic. This little piece of sonic ambrosia is well worth many a listen.   

[posted 10.19.16]


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