Sounds of Liverpool Psych Fest 2016 #15: Tau

Of all the festivals in all the world that I have yet to experience for myself, the one I most want to go to is the Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia, otherwise known as Liverpool Psych Fest. The braintrust behind this upstart event continually brings together some of the absolute best bands in the UK and Euro psych scenes, and the lineup is always a treat. This year is no different, and there's no shortage of bands you should check out. These are my top picks from this year's bumper crop. Liverpool Psych Fest is going down September 23 & 24. (And as an aside, fingers crossed for yours truly finally making the LPF dream come true in 2017)

If you're into psychedelic, 60s pop Western-tinted Krautrock, Tau should be right up your street. This is ageless, placeless, timeless music - a wickedly strange, potent potion that's just perfect for the ears of wanderers and wonderers.  

[posted 9.22.16]


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