Sounds of Hopscotch 2016 #8: Gun Outfit

I've been to a festival or two in my day, and while all have been enjoyable, not many come close to capturing the magic of Hopscotch. Around since 2010, this warm and welcoming festival in the warm and welcoming city of Raleigh, NC, keeps getting better and better. The lineup always features big names, buzzy names, names you probably haven't heard yet, and names you soon won't be able to get out of your head. I'm absolutely crushed not to be going this year, but have many suggestions about who to see if you're lucky enough to be heading down 9/8-10. And even if you're not going either, give these folks a listen.

LA's Gun Outfit is right up my alley, down my street, and everywhere in between. Not content to cozy up to one sound in particular, they're part tripped-out psych, part brooding noise, and part dreamy urban folk, the band's multitudinous incarnations are sure to hit the spot. I have no doubt their live show is a thing to behold indeed. If you're going to Hopscotch, you should more than definitely find out.   

[posted 9.8.16]


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