Sounds of Secret Stages 2016 #15: Monday/Friday

It's sweltering out there, which can only mean it's getting to be about time for the 2016 installment of Alabama's awesome little music festival, Secret Stages. In a mere few days, a bunch of great local/regional/further afield bands will descend on Birmingham for what promises to be a heck of a good time. (Once again) I won't be there, dangit, but here's who I think is really worth checking out from the excellent lineup.

While I admittedly don't listen to much hip hop these days, back in my (much) younger days I was way into it. Atlanta's dastardly duo Monday/Friday sound like they'd fit right in with the early 90s dudes, and that makes me both nostalgic and pretty happy. With the best throwback beats and melting butter vocals that would sound good saying anything, M/F highlight all the modern stresses and all hit all the right spots. 

[posted 8.5.16]


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